Doubt is featured on iDreamBooks – RottenTomatoes for Books

Wow! Doubt featured on iDreamBooks

Doubt featured on iDreamBooks

So why is it a big deal? Well, authors cannot add their books to the iDreamBooks database. Books are aggregated by critic and user reviews which is similar to how RottenTomatoes handles movie reviews.  They recommend only books with a 70% plus ratings so that readers will “never [have to] read a crappy book again”.


iDreamBooks – RottenTomatoes for books

“iDreamBooks, a site openly inspired by Rotten Tomatoes, has created a system that aims to aggregate and streamline book reviews, giving new releases from the big six publishers (Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin, Random House, and Simon & Schuster) a percentage rating. Like its popular film equivalent, the iDreamBooks team decides whether a certain review is positive or negative using both automated and manual techniques, and compiles the ratings to determine a book’s critical merit.

It is the first site of its kind, although it’s comprable to Goodreads, which gives books a star ranking based on crowd-sourced comments rather than professional reviews.” – Huffington Post


If you stumbled here and don’t know what this is about, don’t leave!

Here are some details about Doubt, book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy.

Do you love shows like J.J. Abrams’ Fringe and read books like Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones?

“Doubt” mashes fringe science, corporate espionage and paranormal encounters to catapult you into an out-of-this-world experience.

“Doubt” is a fast paced story where Harry Doubt online gamer and creator of the Truth Seekers game takes his game offline to search for who or what is behind the disappearances of his mother and his friends’ loved ones. Cristal, his top gamer and best friend, begins to question the reality of the world they live in. When they get closer to the truth, they uncover supernatural forces living among them.

Fans of young adult paranormal urban fantasy readers along with tech and gamer geeks will enjoy reading “Doubt”, book 1 of the “Among Us Trilogy”. You don’t have to be a gamer to like the story. Throw in time travel, paranormal events makes “Doubt” a fun read.

Book launch December Sale: Doubt (Among Us Trilogy)

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We had so much fun hitting #1 in the Amazon Best Sellers List in the Teen/Young Adult Urban Fantasy category AND the Metaphysical category. Thank you everyone who downloaded a copy of the Truth Seekers novella. We had 5721 downloads during the Nov 26-28 Kindle free days. To celebrate, we are doing a Black Friday sale which will last until Dec 15. Doubt Kindle promotion

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Check out photos of the book launch at the Rain Dance Book Festival

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