In the final climactic instalment of the Among Us trilogy, Harry and Cristal discover the president of Israel and Global Nation's true identity as the Beast and false messiah. They must maneuver the devil and angel forces in the spiritual fight to save humanity and end Global Nation's research in the secret Soul Separation Program involving their parents and other missing loved ones. Will the final battle in Armageddon against the false messiah's army trigger the return of the true Messiah?

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From Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review:

“Reveal is Anne-Rae Vasquez’s concluding part of the Among Us Trilogy, and what an adventure it is. I have not read the previous two books, and I can tell that some amazing things happened to bring us to this point. Despite no prior knowledge of events, I had no difficulty in embracing the story from this starting point as the information I needed was fed to me. There is also an option to do a quick catch up via a summary of the previous two stories at the end of the book. There is a great cast of characters, and you are never sure who can really be trusted; even the archangels seem to have their own agendas. Adventure, complications, prophecy, tension, and of course the highest stakes possible fill this book’s every page. There’s both a religious and futuristic feel to the book, and the author shows great skill in the building of her alternative future world. There are gripping scenes and great descriptions throughout, not to mention some interesting ideas.”  K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite

"Reveal is a religious science fiction and fantasy novel by author Anne-Rae Vasquez, which forms the final part of the Among Us Trilogy, billed as a Truth Seekers' end of the world religious thriller series. It may seem doubtful to cram so much into a single series, but Vasquez blends the spiritual and the supernatural well as Armageddon looms over central characters Harry and Cristal, and the final battle for good versus evil awaits. In this series, angels and devils really do exist, and questions about the world beyond our own are asked by players of the Truth Seekers game. Reality and fiction collide, and it’s unclear as to where the real truth lies and whether it’s what we really want to hear, or can even believe in. It’s fair to say that the speculative aspects of Reveal fascinated me far more than the actual story line. I’d recommend that readers go back to book one, Doubt, in order to fully appreciate the emotional and learning journey of Harry and Cristal as the plot unfolds and (literally) all Hell breaks loose around them. Anne-Rae Vasquez’s writing style is dynamic and highly readable, and she takes the time to explain the concepts of her imagined world so that readers have time to puzzle them out. The philosophy behind the novel is definitely Christian, but never in a preachy or bossy style, which makes the experience of reading Reveal enjoyable for any reader from any background. I’d certainly rate the Among Us Trilogy as an intriguing and exciting read." - K. Finn for Readers' Favorite
– K. Finn for Readers' Favorite
"Anne-Rae Vasquez has a wide range of characters exploring the fight against evil and weaving through various perspectives. The characters experience several trials, both fighting in the final battle and through personal journeys of discovery. Despite the battle against evil, Reveal has several instances of humor throughout, mostly in the form of sarcasm and banter. The focus primarily falls on Cristal and Harry who face several trials as they come up against characters that are human, demon, and angel. Despite the type of characters Cristal comes in contact with, she maintains her opinionated and strong personality. She has a strength about her seen through her bravery and compassion. This is the final installment of the trilogy so the story is action-packed at every turn as the characters deal with the final battle. Cristal gets a personal look at the demons' plans through her infiltration of Global Nation, and through this she's given an up close look at sin and forgiveness. While the plot has a serious focus the tone never gets very dark, though Cristal experiences a personal and more psychologically driven journey as she literally sees through the eyes of people in their moments of sin. She meets Lenora and sees a poignant moment in Lenora's past that changed her future. It's a moment that stays with you as this story unfolds. In some ways it's the classic good versus evil theme, but it's more complicated as the idea of sin is explored. Reveal is a story of forgiveness and strength, explored through the battle against evil and the signaled arrival of the Messiah." L. Konkel for Readers' Favorite
– L. Konkel for Readers' Favorite
"Reveal: Among Us Trilogy by Anne-Rae Vasquez is the third book in this science fiction/fantasy series. It all began with Cristal and Harry trying to find out what was really happening in the world and trying to find their missing parents at the same time. However, with time, these two people realize that things are far more complicated than they first anticipated. There are far more dangerous and competent players in this treacherous game and there is not much they can do about finding the Truth, unless they are ready to take a drastic risk. With the Beast and the false Messiah right in the middle of this fight, how can a man and a woman save humanity before the actual Messiah comes? Is there really a Messiah waiting to help them or are they on their own? I have never connected with characters this fast, especially in a series like this where I read the last novel first. I absolutely enjoyed Cristal and Harry, how they became a team and took charge of the situation. I absolutely loved the fact that they were both a team and not a man leading the woman or vice versa. No one was standing on the sidelines waiting for the other person to take an action because both of them were the go-getters and doers. The flow of the story was great, the narration was engaging and the overall development was amazing as well. I really enjoyed it! A very entertaining read." R. Taveer for Readers' Favorite
– R. Taveer for Readers' Favorite
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