Series: Among Us Trilogy, Book 1
Genres: Apocalypse, Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller, Young Adult
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: AR Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 0986492132
ISBN: 9780986492136

Gold winner in Readers' Favorite Book Awards Harry Doubt, a genius programmer and creator of the popular online game Truth Seekers, has a personal mission of his own; to find his mother who went mysteriously missing while volunteering on a peacekeeping mission in Palestine. His gaming friends and followers inadvertently join in helping him find her; believing that they are on missions to find out what has happened to their own missing loved ones. During Harry's missions, Cristal and the team of 'Truth Seekers' stumble upon things that make them doubt the reality of their own lives. As they get closer to the truth, they realize that there are spiritual forces among them both good and evil, but in learning this, they activate a chain of events that start the beginning of the end of the world. --- The Among Us Trilogy questions what is beyond this world and ties in different supernatural religious beliefs of God, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, angels and demons, apocalypse, spirituality for an end of the world religious thriller.

"End of Times / Armageddon" theme - *Rated PG: mild swearing

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About the Book

“Doubt” is a fast paced story where Harry Doubt online gamer and creator of the Truth Seekers game takes his game offline to search for who or what is behind the disappearances of his mother and his friends’ loved ones, uncovering supernatural forces living among them.

***  supernatural apocalyptic thriller ****

Cristal Hernandez started playing the online game “Truth Seekers” when she was fifteen. In her real life outside the game, she didn’t fit in with anything or anybody. Classmates called her “the loner” or “weirdo,” taunting her in the playground because she was always nose deep in a book. Her father went missing on her tenth birthday which haunted her every day since his disappearance.

Things are never really what they appear to be. Strange things start to happen to her and her friends. She witnesses unexplainable events and is accused of causing them even from people closest to her.

Evil is lurking everywhere and disguised as many things. But that’s not all she has to fear.

Never trust anyone, her father always told her. Especially your closest allies.

Doubt is Book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy. Among Us is a book series which delves into the world of the supernatural and how it intersects with the everyday lives of seemingly ordinary young people as catastrophic events on earth lead to the end of times. Among Us weaves the theme of a young man and woman, who while not fully understanding their ‘abilities’, are drawn together in their desire to find out the truth about the world they live in which is similar to themes used in J.J. Abrams’ TV shows Fringe and Lost.

–> What readers had to say…

  • As a big fan of the show Fringe, this book appealed to me tremendously. The writing was well done, and the way the “supernatural” forces were introduced was great. – Melissa Greenberg, Amazon review
  • A good, clean read for any age. It was an excellent story that I’m sure both adult and teen urban fantasy fans will enjoy.  – Inkspand Review
  • You don’t have to be a gamer or know one to identify with the characters. They’re very well developed and definitely feel like people. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and I’m really looking forward to the second book. – Inkspand Review
  •  …the novel is written in such a languid style, it moves on effortlessly and absorbs the reader into the story completely. Although the story itself revolves around the online gaming industry, one does not have to have an in depth knowledge as it is ably explained and discussed within the plot line. – Steven J. Smith, Inkspand Review
  • OMGosh! I just finished reading “Doubt” INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t put it down. – GoodReads member review

Reviewed by April Gilly for Readers' Favorite Doubt by Anne-Rae Vasquez is about the Truth Seekers and their mission to find the truth. Originally an online role-playing game, creator Harry Doubt takes the game offline in the hopes of finding out what happened to his mother who disappeared. Harry continues his father's work with a man his father worked with and eventually discovers that the man knows more that he says. Harry quickly learns that things aren't what they seem when things start happening that he had no reason to believe would happen. Cristal, one of Harry's top Truth Seekers, is quickly pulled into what is going on and starts to learn the truth behind the strange things that have been happening to her all her life. With the help of a fellow Truth Seeker, Cristal and Harry find that things are very different, but that there is hope of finding Harry's missing mother and Cristal's missing father. Doubt by Anne-Rae Vasquez is really slow-paced but then starts to pick up, and once that happened the book became amazing. Doubt is well written with great imagery and some plot twists that I never saw coming. There aren't many books that have such a unique plot twist. Once religion is brought into Doubt, the book gets a little weird but when the pieces start falling into place it making sense. When the background stories of some of the paranormal creatures come to light, the book gets even better. There were two thing about Doubt that I didn't enjoy but the book was so awesome that it was easy to overlook.
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