Why I need a book doula – confessions of a writer

Book Doula - my developmental editor - Among Us Trilogy

a book doula – how my developmental editor eased me through the writing process Note from author Anne-Rae Vasquez I can’t believe how time has sped past us. It seems like yesterday when I was scribbling away a storyline for the Among Us Trilogy. I can even remember how nervous…

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Robot defense prototype folds clothes

Robot folds clothes - seriously

Harry Doubt’s prototype robot folds clothes Codename: Rofoldo Harry tasked his R&D team of Truth Seekers to create a robot that can help defend their head quarters.  Unfortunately, when they released the robot prototype for beta testing, Harry was quite disappointed. The robot could only fold clothes! (Cristal and Joanna,…

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Cristal loses control in the coffee shop – telekinesis power

What would you do if you realized you had telekinesis power?

Cristal always knew she was different but didn’t want to admit it. When her hands start to shake and her heart beats faster, Cristal knows she needs to calm down. But little does she know, she holds special powers that she can’t control.

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Truth Seekers game

Catch a glimpse of the Truth Seekers online game that Harry, Cristal, Joanna, Serena, Kerim, Gabriel, Rinaldo play.  Harry Doubt creator of the secret by invitation only Truth Seekers game, has now selected the best players to become real “Truth Seekers”. Here is a never before seen photo of the…

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