Giveaway at FreeBooksy of Doubt, Among Us Trilogy

Free Giveaway at FreeBooksy for the soon to be released Doubt is featuring the Official copy of Doubt and giving it away for free!

Get your copy before the release date of November 9, 2013 for free. If you already read an Advance Reader Copy, there have been updates, changes based on readers’ and editors’ feedback.

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FreeBooksy Giveaway of Doubt Among Us Trilogy

FreeBooksy Giveaway of Doubt Among Us Trilogy is helping us give away 15 copies of DOUBT (Among Us Trilogy), a super natural adventure story.

Harry, a genius programmer and online gamer and founder of the “Truth Seekers” game. His  personal objective is to find out what happened when his mother disappeared and he convinces his online gaming followers to go on missions and help him unlock the truth. While searching for clues, his team of Truth Seekers stumble upon the knowledge that there are good and evil spiritual forces at work in the world around us. Unfortunately, in finding this out they begin a chain of events that could mean the end of the world as we know it…

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