Angelica Martinelli – Mission #1


Angelica Martinelli – painter, activist, plays Truth Seekers an alternate reality online game as a hobby.

This page is Angelica’s diary where she will post her thoughts  as the events unfold in the story.

After reading the scene, please add in Andrea’s thoughts, ideas and actions as you imagine them.

Attention:  Here are your mission details.
Deadline:  March 3

Mission #1


Rinaldo shows up at Angelica’s house at 1 am in the morning. He bangs on her door. Angelica asks him what he wants. Rinaldo insists that he needs to show her something on the Truth Seekers site.

Rinaldo shows Angelica his laptop and says that Harry has sent a message saying that they need to hack into the Global Nation database in Rome.

He thinks that someone at the Global Nation office in Rome had been sending emails with Harry’s mother Bina Shwartz’s name in the body of the emails.

“Angelica, we need to use your keycard to access Global Nation.  Harry’s mother’s disappearance has something to do with Global Nation.  We have to be real Truth Seekers now. It’s not a game anymore. Will you help us?”

Rinaldo’s eyes plead with her to say yes.

  • Question:
    • Do you agree to go with him to break into Global Nation to hack into the network database?  If yes, describe what you say to him and what happens next.
    • Or do you kick Rinaldo out of your house for asking such a request?  If so, describe what you say to him and how he reacts. Describe what happens next.

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