Rinaldo Ricci – Mission #1

Rinaldo Ricci

Rinaldo Ricci – Is an aspiring filmmaker. He  has  been having visions every night for the past year.  He  works at a web TV studio in Italy. He is an avid player of the Truth Seekers online game.

This page is Rinaldo’s journal where he writes his thoughts, ideas, theories and notes.

Attention:  Khaled, Here are your mission details.
Status:  Feb 23 Mission completed.

Mission #1


Harry Doubt contacted Rinaldo within the Truth Seekers alternate reality game private messaging.

“We have hacked into the Global Nation intranet in Palestine.  We have released a virus on their network which hopefully will steal all the data.  Shelley told senior management that they want this virus to be stopped.  Our plan to get Global Nation (GN) to send Jenna, Kerim and I to Palestine will happen soon. Just have to convince the senior management.  In the meantime, since you are in Italy, can you fly out to Jordan and meet up with Angelica? She will have the details so PM her. ” — Harry

Suddenly Rinaldo’s cell phone rings.  He picks it up but does not recognize the phone number. He answers the call and is met with silence.

“Hello? Hello?” he says.

There is a voice, a soft whisper on the other line.

“Rinaldo… it’s me, Angelica.  They have me. They say they will kill me if you don’t do what they say.”

*He only hesitates for a second.

“Okay, let me speak to them.”

He hears shuffling and then a deep muffled voice proceeds to give him a set of instructions. He writes down the details.

“We will call you every hour on the hour for further instructions. If you do not answer your phone, there will be consequences.”  The call ends.

Rinaldo knows that this was definitely not Angelica.  Upon joining the Truth Seekers, Harry had taught them to speak in code when using traceable communication such as phones or email.  The fact that Angelica didn’t say the one secret coded syllable to say she is in trouble meant that this was not Angelica.  Even if they had forced her to read a note, she only had to say this syllable in order to confirm her identity.

He quickly logs into the Truth Seekers secure network and sends Angelica  a private message (PM).  He alerts her that the Climate Change Society, a group that claims to “Save the Planet” is in reality working with other agencies to shut down the Truth Seekers.

“Go into hiding. CCS is up to something. Someone claiming to be you called to say that she has been kidnapped. I will contact HD. Confirm receipt and wait for further instructions.”  RR

Instead of getting rid of his cell phone knowing that it is traceable via GPS, he continues to hang on to it.  The ‘kidnappers’ had warned him that they’ll call  every hour on the hour to check his status. He’ll play their game to find out what they’re really up to.

*congratulations to Khaled Talib for accomplishing the mission.  Your contribution will be added into the chapter. Khaled is an author of the upcoming espionage thriller Smokescreen.

Original Mission Questions

  • Question: Describe your reaction and what you do next…
    • Do you ask to speak to the kidnappers?
    • Do you believe that this is Angelica? And if not, what do you do to prove it isn’t her?

Some facts: Harry Doubt insisted that the Truth Seekers only contact via private message (PM) in the secure Truth Seeker network.  He also trained the Truth Seekers to speak in code in case they were in an emergency situation.

Action: Please include photos of locations, or events (ie. apartment, or street) as this will help others in the team visualize the events. We suggest you take photos with your phone camera. Click on the Add Media button above to upload your images.

Good luck with your mission. If it is successful, we will integrate the event you describe into the future chapter.  You will be given credit on the Acknowledgement page.

Harry Doubt

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