Jenna Adams

Jenna Adams

Jenna Adams – freelance reporter Press TV. She chases her stories and will do anything to get it first. Her goal is to anchor a major news station by her mid-thirties. She doesn’t believe in anything unless she sees it with her own eyes.  Before she was a journalist, she was a computer programmer and blogger.


Mission #1

Investigate all the characters in the Among Us Trilogy.  You have heard rumours that there is an underground resistance group called the Truth Seekers. Your goal is to infiltrate the Truth Seekers and find out who is the leader.  But you must start out slowly.

Here is your Mission:

Deadline March 9

  1. Familiarize yourself with all the characters by going to the Characters page (click on Characters in the main menu).
  2. Review their missions.
  3. Write down your observations here on this page.

Good luck!

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