New novel by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Doubt is Book 1 of the  Among Us TrilogyAmong Us is a book series which delves into the world of the super natural and how it intersects with the every day lives of seemingly ordinary people as catastrophic events on Earth lead to the end of times.  Among Us will attract fans of the TV shows Fringe, Lost, and 4400.

note from the author:

I have been tossing an idea that has been growing in my head since I was a kid.  The thoughts at the time were too scary for me to put down on paper so I always pushed them back…far back into my mind.  But recently I woke up from a dream with a vivid picture of a scene. It was so clear in my mind that it frightened me.  I told my friend the story, elaborating on every detail that I had envisioned.  He sat silently sipping his coffee and smoking his cigarette.  I was exasperated afterwards. He seemed disinterested and not at all impressed with my words.

The next day, he called me into his office for a business meeting.  On the wall was a big white board.  As I looked more closely at the board, I realized that there was a storyboard sketch detailing aspects of my dream. My friend sat me down and told me that “this is going to be our next project”.  He said, you will write the novel and screenplay and I will produce the feature film.

So here I sit ready to start writing the first chapter. Ironically, it is November 13 which would mean nothing to those who do not believe.  But for those who do believe….welcome and join me as I write the story.  — Anne-Rae Vasquez

Anne-Rae Vasquez, freelance journalist for Digital Journal, author and filmmaker.  She wrote the novel and screenplay for the award winning feature film and web series Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, Salha’s Secrets to Middle Eastern Cooking Cookbook Volume 1, Gathering Dust – a collection of poems, and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published by (a division of Macmillan Publishing). Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is her feature screenplay and film directorial debut.

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