Awards for Doubt – Among Us Trilogy

Yippee! Awards for Doubt – Among Us Trilogy

We are always humbled when we receive recognition for our book Doubt, book 1 of Among Us Trilogy.

“I am truly honoured to have been awarded the following from wonderful readers, reviewers and bloggers who “got” the message behind ‘Doubt’. And to those who believed in me and the Among Us Trilogy…Thank you. Thank you. Thank you… a thousand times..thanks to you.” – message from author Anne-Rae Vasquez


Gold Winner Readers’ Favorite Book Award 2014

Gold Winner Readers'Favorite Book Award 2014 - Doubt book 1 of Among Us Trilogy by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Readers' Favorite Book Award Finalist - Doubt - Among Us Trilogy

Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist “Doubt – Among Us Trilogy”

Reader's Choice 5 star award


Indie Book of the Day award for Doubt (Among Us Trilogy)

Indie Book of the Day award for Doubt (Among Us Trilogy)


Certificate award Indie Book of the Day to Anne-Rae Vasquez

Certificate award Indie Book of the Day to Anne-Rae Vasquez



If you just stumbled here and don’t know what Truth Seekers are don’t leave!

Here are some details about Doubt, book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy.

Do you love shows like J.J. Abrams’ Fringe and read books like Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones?

“Doubt” mashes fringe science, corporate espionage and paranormal encounters to catapult you into an out-of-this-world experience. At 21 years old, Harry and Cristal are fresh out of university with their PhD’s. Labeled all their lives as being ‘weird’ and ‘geeky’, they find true friendships with other outcasts by playing online virtual reality games. Harry Doubt, a genius programmer and creator of the popular online game ‘Truth Seekers’, has a personal mission to find his mother who went mysteriously missing. He enlists his gaming friends to join in helping him find her and their own missing loved ones. During Harry’s missions, Cristal and the team of ‘Truth Seekers’ stumble upon things that make them doubt the reality of their own lives when they realize there are supernatural forces living among them. This triggers the beginning of the ‘end of the world’ as they know it.

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  • Max Tomlinson, author of Lethal Dispatch
  • Khaled Talib, author of Smokescreen
  • Anne-Rae Vasquez, author of Doubt, Among Us Trilogy

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