Amazon Best Seller Apocalyptic list – Doubt – Among Us Trilogy

#35 in Amazon Best Seller Post Apocalyptic list

[two_thirds last=”no”][/two_thirds] Amazon Best Seller Kindle edition When Amazon switched the Kindle edition of Doubt to free yesterday, we were a bit surprised. We did not submit Doubt into the KDP Select program so we weren’t sure what to think.  However, throughout the day yesterday we watched as the Free…

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Press release: Among Us Trilogy BitTorrent Bundle

Fiction Thriller Doubt Releases BitTorrent Bundle AR Publishing has released Anne-Rae Vasquez’s Doubt, the first installment of the Among Us Trilogy as a BitTorrent Bundle. The Among Us Trilogy is a paranormal apocalyptic, sci/fi, young adult fiction thriller which was launched in November 2013 at the Rain Dance Book Festival.…

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GoodReads 5 star review Doubt – Among Us Trilogy @Write2Film

GoodReads 5 star review of Doubt - Among Us Trilogy

GoodReads 5 star review for Doubt – Among Us Trilogy We want to highlight Day 4 of our book blog tour by sharing a 5 star review on GoodReads.  We are giving the GoodReads reviewer Brisny Honorary Truth Seeker membership for taking the time to write the review. Check out…

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