Among Us Trilogy

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Imminent - a Truth Seeker conspiracy thriller“The American government has ordered all citizens to implant microchips under the guise of an emergency program to coordinate the distribution of much needed food and supplies after devastating natural disasters hit the entire nation. Little do they know what the government’s real plans are.The end of the world is at hand unless Jakob Karim and resisters succeed in exposing the lies.”

Natural disasters, severe weather, uprisings, global political upheaval and unrest cause instability around the world. First world countries government and economy destabilizes. Middle class families find themselves homeless struggling to survive.

In the USA, a new president is elected. A tough republican who vows to bring America back to the status of First World super power. He promises to bring tough measures for a full recovery of the economy. Everyone is asked to be numbered in order to coordinate food and services to the people. Those refusing to be numbered are sought out by the government, captured, brainwashed and/or arrested. Is this the end of the world? Are the predictions in the Book of Revelations coming true?
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