Free today Doubt – Among Us Trilogy

Free for limited time Doubt – Among Us Trilogy

We at Truth Seekers HQ want to entice new fans and readers by having Doubt for free until March 16.

This is the 2nd edition and for those who purchased the 1st edition, we encourage you to download for free the 2nd edition. Edits were based on feedback from fans like you. If you purchase a copy of the book, you have enlisted as a Truth Seeker. This holds a responsibility and a commitment as a Truth Seeker to uphold the values of our group.  Be brave. Be careful. Have fun.




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If you have a twisted interest in "End of Times / Armageddon" books or love shows like "Fringe" and "Supernatural", this is for you.
“Doubt” is a fast paced story where Harry Doubt online gamer and creator of the Truth Seekers game takes his game offline to search for who or what is behind the disappearances of his mother and his friends’ loved ones. When they get closer to the truth, they uncover supernatural forces living among them.

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#10 Amazon Best Seller list (free kindle books)Currently ranking in the top 10 of Amazon Best Seller list

Thanks to new fans who helped push Doubt (book 1 of Among Us Trilogy) up the best seller charts. To show our appreciation… Free today Doubt – book 1 of Among Us Trilogy

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Amazon best seller #10 - Doubt Among Us Trilogy by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Amazon best seller #10 – Doubt Among Us Trilogy by Anne-Rae Vasquez

 Here is your mission new Truth Seeker Recruits:

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  • Help us get the word out
  • Download
  • Read
  • Love it or hate it?
  • Post review
  • Mission accomplished[/list]

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  1. Oooo wow, what a great offer! This is super exciting, thanks 🙂

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