Fight against Ebola – Doctors without Borders Fundraiser & book signing event

Fair Fair Doctors without Borders  Fundraiser Fight against Ebola

We did a book signing event to launch RESIST at UBC at the English Language Institute’s Fair Fair to help raise funds for Doctors Without Borders Fundraiser fight against Ebola.  30% of profits from the sales of my books will go to Doctors without Borders until December 3, 2014 11:45 pm (PST).

UPDATE: The event raised $1590 for the cause. Yay!

The Fair Fair event was so fun and thanks to all who came down to see us! We had the event streamed live on Google Hangout and thank you to everyone who watched us live and also who bought a book online.


Missed the event? No worries! Watch Josefina, Nicole and I in the video highlights below

How can you help?

Buy a copy of the book from Nov 28, 2014 until December 3, 2014 (11:45 pm PST), then contact me (click here) and send me a screenshot the receipt email and I will donate 30% of the profits to Doctors without Borders.

Click here to buy RESIST

Thank you for your time and hope that together we can raise awareness and funds for the fight to stop Ebola.

Till our paths cross again,


on behalf of the Among Us Trilogy Truth Seekers book launch team

and Fiction Frenzy TV

Truth Seekers Unite!

Check out the fun video from UBC English Language Institute students below

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