Fiction Frenzy – fiery new VLog YouTube show for YOLO authors

Fiction Frenzy – YouTube show vlogs from authors who know You Only Live Once

Get your dose of indie authors, filmmakers, artists and their fans on Fiction Frenzy. Debuts March 31, 2014 here on AR Films Channel ( Sit down. Grab a doughnut or a carrot stick. Go on. You’re not going anywhere. Watch, laugh, cry, throw your doughnut at the screen but stay till it’s over. Share, like, comment and subscribe.

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Episode 3 part 2 – Fiction Frenzy TV VLog with Khaled Talib, Anne-Rae Vasquez and Rachel Hodgetts from AR Films – Fiction Frenzy TV on Vimeo.

on Youtube:

Every Monday, come back to watch our Fiction Frenzy TV authors and artists grapple with the day to day life as an indie artist. Enjoy some insightful info about the business and never before revealing confessions. Nail biting, riveting, dramatic and funny (well at least for the artist vloggers!)

Meet our VLogging authors

James Edwards – featured VLog host/ author

James Edwards

Kellie Sheridan – VLog host / author

Kellie Sheridan

Mary Ting/ M. Clarke – VLog host / author

Mary Ting / M. Clarke FF

Jeff Dawson

Jeff Dawson

Khaled Talib

Khaled Talib

Roy Huff

Roy Huff

John Patrick Kennedy

John Patrick Kennedy

Anne-Rae Vasquez – host and producer

Anne-Rae Vasquez

Truth Seekers and geeks unite!

sponsored by Among Us Trilogy

produced and edited by AR Films

hosted by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Production equipment provided by Joseph Khalil of Digital Frenzy

The show is featured on Digital Journal:

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