Author Anne-Rae Vasquez pokes fun at herself on Fiction Frenzy TV

Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show featured on Blasting News and Digital Journal Author Anne-Rae Vasquez informs, entertains and pokes fun at herself Not only does Anne-Rae (author of Among Us Trilogy) produce videos to entertain you, she managed to convince other authors, artists and filmmakers to do the same! Don’t …

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JJ Abrams’ Fringe – a birth of a genre supernatural fantasy thriller TV series

Fringe cast - Joshua Jackson

Fringe – a supernatural fantasy thriller TV series Interview with JJ Abrams’ show’s producers and cast and thoughts by Anne-Rae Vasquez Rambling thoughts by Anne-Rae Vasquez When I began writing the Among Us Trilogy, I had been entertaining myself by watching back to back episodes of Fringe. I loved how …

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Anne-Rae and authors poke fun on Fiction Frenzy TV VLog channel

Fiction Frenzy TV Vlog channel

Anne-Rae Vasquez and other authors and artists VLog their way onto your screens Author Anne-Rae Vasquez is busy producing Fiction Frenzy TV VLog channel, a weekly show featuring indie authors, artists, filmmakers and musicians. Watch behind the scenes from the show,Vlogs from Anne-Rae and her guests and lots of fun …

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Fiction Frenzy – fiery new VLog YouTube show for YOLO authors

Fiction Frenzy – YouTube show vlogs from authors who know You Only Live Once Get your dose of indie authors, filmmakers, artists and their fans on Fiction Frenzy. Debuts March 31, 2014 here on AR Films Channel ( Sit down. Grab a doughnut or a carrot stick. Go on. You’re …

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Angels who DO fall from the sky – funny video

What if angels DID fall from the sky? We at Truth Seekers HQ were chatting about the topic of Angels and asking ourselves “How would angels interact with humans?” Or at least how have others portrayed this?  Truth Seeker Cristal found this video which we would like to share with …

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