Author Anne-Rae Vasquez pokes fun at herself on Fiction Frenzy TV

Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show featured on Blasting News and Digital Journal

Author Anne-Rae Vasquez informs, entertains and pokes fun at herself

Not only does Anne-Rae (author of Among Us Trilogy) produce videos to entertain you, she managed to convince other authors, artists and filmmakers to do the same!

Don’t be left out! Join in the fun.

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Journalist articles by Anne-Rae Vasquez via Blasting News

Anne-Rae Vasquez author of the Among Us Trilogy (Doubt, Resist and Reveal)

  • Book Launch – Reveal, book 3 Among Us Trilogy is available on Amazon
    by Author on May 18, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    Book release of Reveal, Among Us Trilogy I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of my latest novel Reveal, book 3 of Among Us Trilogy. The journey was arduous but exciting. I am very very proud of my work and grateful for all the beta readers and my developmental editors contribution. The book is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format and free f or Amazon Prime members (via Kindle Select). Thank you dear readers for your {Read More} The post Book Launch – Reveal, book 3 Among Us Trilogy is available on Amazon appeared first on Anne-Rae Vasquez. […]

  • Reveal – latest novel available for pre-order
    by Author on November 19, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Pre-order latest novel Reveal, book 3 of Among Us Trilogy Sorry to my followers and supporters. The release date has been pushed to May 2018. I really want this to be the best it can be and have re-edits on some chapters that I’m currently working on. Thank you for your patience. I shall update this site with more information once I have more details. My latest novel is ready for pre-order!  I am extremely excited to announce that Reveal {Read More} The post Reveal – latest novel available for pre-order appeared first on Anne-Rae Vasquez. […]

  • Writing break and latest vlog parody skit
    by Author on September 4, 2017 at 3:32 am

    Writing break I have been in writing limbo on and off for the last 2 years. The only answer I can offer for the delay in finishing the writing of Reveal (book 3 of the trilogy) is simply that my life is getting in the way. Upheavals in my work life and the demands of my personal life were things that could no longer be ignored. So a few months ago, I consciously decided to unplug and take a writing {Read More} The post Writing break and latest vlog parody skit appeared first on Anne-Rae Vasquez. […]


Video: Skydiving author, mango madness on Fiction Frenzy TV VLog

Episode 8 part 1- Skydiving is like publishing says author Cairn Rodrigues
Cairn Rodrigues, newest Fiction Frenzy TV VLog author, author of The Last Prospector ( explains how indie publishing makes authors dare devils. She proves her point by skydiving onto the show.

Episode 8 part 2 – Woman speaks gibberish after freak mango accident
Nicole and Anne-Rae are shocked when a stray mango bops Josefina on the head inducing her to speak in gibberish. Stephen Folker known for his work “Castle Siege”, “To Survive” and “Field Freak” has started a Kick Starter campaign for his latest movie “The Orange Man”. Folker explains the premise behind the story in this episode.

Episode 7 – interview with Tim Grahl, book marketing specialist
Anne-Rae Vasquez interviews Tim Grahl, founder of Out:Think Group, a company that says “from high-level strategy to nitty-gritty technical details, our work goes beyond just selling books: we empower your brand, your tribe, your career.” – Out:Think has helped NYT best selling authors such as: Hugh Howey, Author of the award-winning Molly Fyde Saga and the New York Times and USA Today bestselling WOOL series.
Ep 7 pt 2 – Tim Grahl Interview (continued)
Fiction Frenzy TV with Digital Journal’s Anne-Rae Vasquez were pleased to ask Tim what really makes an author’s work stand out from the rest. Can authors sell 1000 copies of their books if they follow Tim’s advice? Watch the videos to see what Tim had to say.
Ep 7 pt 3 – Fiction Frenzy author feedback of Tim Grahl’s interview
Christine Steendam, author of “Heart Like an Ocean” and Jeff Dawson author of Occupation give their thoughts on Tim Grahl’s interview.
Ep 7 pt 4 – Tour Boat Quay with Khaled Talib and Jeff Dawson’s Hookline
Khaled Talib, author of Smokescreen takes us to Boat Quay in Singapore where an action scene from his novel “Smokescreen” takes place. Watch to find out how explosive it is and more! Jeff Dawson, author of “Occupation”, is back to help explain what a “Hook Line” is.

Ep 7 pt 5 – Results of 99 cents book promo Kellie Sheridan, co-founder of Patchwork Press talks about the results of her 99 cents book promo. James Edwards gives his adieus. He will continue to VLog about indie publishing and other topics on his own YouTube VLog show.

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